The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) is an organization that offers and implements an international educational program at several levels – the Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP), the Diploma Program (DP).

III. Gymnasium has a certificate for the implementation of the International Diploma Program (IB DP), an international matura program.

IB DP is a pre-faculty program intended for students aged 16 to 19. It is conducted in the third and fourth grade of high school and prepares students for the international Matura – The Diploma of the International Baccalaureate (hereinafter, IB Diploma).

IB DP Curricular Model

The emphasis of the program and its implementation is on the international approach, respect for the diversity of each species, connecting cultures and traditions, and cultivating social sensitivity.

The approach to upbringing and education is based on modern pedagogical practice and is based on the document Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATTL).

Basic (Core) content:

  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK);
  • Extended Essay (EE)
  • Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS).

These contents are obligatory for all IB DP students and are a condition for obtaining the IB Diploma.

TOK (knowledge theory) is implemented in teaching, based on the interactive connection of all subject areas, educates analytical, reflective, critical attitude toward knowledge. Exam material is a TOK essay of 1500 words on one of the prescribed topics.
EE (academic essay) is written on a selected area and topic under the guidance of a mentor and EE coordinator over several months. An essay of 4000 words is submitted as exam material.
CAS (extracurricular content) means engaging in creative content of your choice, physical activity according to personal preferences and volunteer charity. Records of completed CAS activities are a condition for obtaining an IB Diploma.

How is EE assessed?

Assessment of the Extended Essay is external. Students ’essays are sent to professional markers around the world and are graded. Combined with TOK, students ’EE standing earns them a possible 1-3 core points in the IB Diploma, out of a maximum of 45 points.

How is TOK Assessed?

Assessment in ToK consists of the internally-assessed Presentation and the ToK Essay (1600 words on a prescribed title). This essay is submitted electronically to external markers. Combined with students ’Extended Essays, their ToK standing earns a maximum of 3 core points towards the Diploma Program final score, tallied out of a maximum of 45 points.

Is CAS Assessed?

There is no formal assessment in CAS however successful completion of all CAS requirements is an essential prerequisite for awarding the IB Diploma. Students need to regularly document their CAS experiences and provide a thorough reflection for each completed activity. Reflections need not just be a typical document, students are rather encouraged to use a variety of media for their reflection. For example, students may create a blog or website to chronicle their experiences and reflections.

Subject we offer

Conditions of election

6 subjects selected from 6 groups of subjects (students must have 6 selected subjects) – table above. An additional course from the 2nd, 3rd or 4th group can be chosen instead of the Theater course. For now, the ESS subject can only be chosen as a Group 3 subject.
Selected subjects are listened to at two levels chosen by the student, High Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL). As a rule, there should be 3 HL and 3 SL items. Exceptionally, 4HL and 2SL items can be chosen. Something like this is granted to extremely gifted students.
Levels mean a certain difference in content and a different number of teaching hours.
Some items in TREMA are only offered in SL
The total two-year number of teaching hours for HL is 240; for SL it is 150; TOK 100; (prescribed by IB in the format of a 60-minute lesson, the number of school hours of 45 minutes is different)
CAS and EE have a flexible share in teaching
students are required to do 200 hours for CAS activities and 70 hours for EE. They consult with teachers by appointment.

Content and requirements of IB DP

The program is implemented over two years and ends with the IB Matura. The language of the program (implementation and exams) is English.


IBDP rating system

Selected subjects are graded from 1 to 7 (1 insufficient, 7 excellent).
Mandatory contents (TOK, EE) are graded from E to A (E insufficient, A excellent).

IBDP grades translated into the Croatian grading system

Success at the end of 3rd and 4th grade translated into the Croatian grading system

General success is determined at the end of each school year (third and fourth) – a document of success (certificate) issued by TREMA.
Overall success is determined on the basis of the number of points (sum of all numerical grades), which is translated into the Croatian system as:

42 – 34 – excellent

33 – 28 – very good

27 – 24 – good

23 – sufficient

22 and less – insufficient.

Conditions for obtaining an IB diploma

In order to meet the conditions for obtaining the IB Diploma, the following is required:

All components of the exam (all 6 subjects, TOK essay, EE essay) must be positively graded. – CAS activities must be met.
The total number of points must be 24 or more.
No grade N (not passed any of the exam components)
No rating E
No rating 1
No more than two grades 2 (HL or SL)
No more than three grades 3 or lower (HL or SL)
Achieved 12 or more points in the sum of the grades of all HL subjects (if there are four, then only the three highest grades are added up)
Achieved 9 or more points in the sum of grades of all SL subjects (if there are only two SL subjects, a minimum of 5 points must be achieved in the sum).

These points are added to the additional points based on the TOK and EE essay grades according to the table:

Exam deadlines are twice a year, in May (May examination session) and November (November examination session). .

Each retake of the exams is charged additionally according to the valid IBO price list for the current year. Exam results are published on May 5 and November 5. The diploma is issued on August 20 and November.

Bilingual IB Diploma

Such a diploma is issued to all those students who:

have two subjects from group 1 (two mother tongues) and have achieved a grade of 3 or higher in both.
who take subjects from groups 3 and 4 in a language that is not in group 1, and have achieved grades 3 and higher in all these subjects.

Appeal against grades

There are several appeal options specified in the General Regulations; Assessment Procedure.

Each such request is additionally charged according to the valid IBO price list for the current year. The application process and all communication with the IBO is carried out by the IB coordinator.

Academic misconduct

All rules of the program and the expected conduct of all in the program are regulated in the document Academic Honesty (IB) and Academic Integrity Policy (TREMA). By signing the contract, students and parents are obliged to guarantee that they are familiar with the rules of conduct as well as with the penalties in case of violation of the rules.

Academic misconduct is a violation of the rules related to plagiarism, fraud, duplication of the same material for two or more exams, copying or possession of illegal material in exams, obstruction of exams, falsification of CAS diaries, revealing details from exam material within 24 hours of oral exam or through the media, or any similar interference with others by putting oneself in a privileged position.

In such cases, the IBO in cooperation with the school conducts a detailed investigation, and depending on the severity of the offense may decide to cancel the grade (and thus the absence of the IB Diploma), and ultimately disqualify the student for each subsequent exam period.

IB diploma translated into the DM system

By the decision of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the results of the IB Diploma are equally valuable to the results of the DM.
By obtaining the IB Diploma, students who are also in the DM system are recognized IB subjects as passed DM (Croatian language, Foreign language, Mathematics), at the A level of DM, regardless of what level they are in the IB program.
Other courses are recognized as equivalent elective courses at DM (History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, CS as Informatics).

Success at the International Matura (IB Diploma) is translated into the system of the State Matura of the Republic of Croatia as in the table:

The role and responsibility of III. Gymnasium Split (TREMA) in the implementation of IB DP

TREMA is authorized by the IBO to implement the IB DP program and is responsible for its implementation, maintenance of standards, compliance with all regulations and ordinances such as: General Regulations: Diploma Program; Rules for IB World Schools: Diploma Program; Assessment Procedure for the Diploma Program; Program Standards and Practices: Diploma Program; The Responsibilities of IB World Schools In ensuring the integrity of IB Assessment; Academic Honesty Guide.
TREMA is responsible for the implementation of the IB DP program, quality teaching in accordance with pedagogical standards and documents: Approaches to teaching and learning (ATL).
TREMA is independent in the implementation of teaching according to the rules that apply to the whole school: Statute of TREMA; House Rules; as well as for the organization of schedules, optional classes, participation of IB students in joint school projects. In doing so, it takes into account the specifics and requirements of the IB program. – TREMA adopts IB DP curriculum for each school year.
TREMA is responsible for timely and up-to-date informing students and parents about the specifics of IB DP, the implementation of the program in the school, the method of assessment and the implementation of exams.
TREMA issues all documents (year-end certificates, semi-annual reports or as required). The IBO issues a Diploma document.
TREMA appoints an IB DP coordinator who is responsible for the implementation of the IB program and its implementation.
The IB DP Coordinator has the obligation and responsibility to fully implement all IBO rules

Responsibility of students and parents / guardians

Everyone is expected to be familiar with all rules and regulations related to the implementation and exams of the program (General Regulations; this document) – Official communication is conducted with the IB DP Coordinator.
Students are expected to responsibly monitor the implementation of the program, meet all deadlines and ultimately meet all obligations (positive success at the end of fourth grade) required for the final exam.
Students are expected to behave responsibly, in accordance with Academic Honesty rules, and Learners’ profile expectations.
They are expected to respect house rules and the rules of good upbringing.
In case of violation of the rules (Academic Honesty), there is a danger of falling the IB Matura (Academic misconduct) and denial of the Diploma.
Parents are obliged to monitor the success of their children, to be regularly informed about progress, to communicate regularly with children about the implementation of the program, to be supportive.

Registration and enrollment of students in IBDP in TREMA

All students who have completed the second grade of secondary education have the right to enrol.
The conditions for enrollment, prescribed by TREMA are: very good or excellent success at the end of the second grade of high school; minimum very good success in the subjects Croatian language, English language, Mathematics at the end of the second grade; knowledge of English in speaking, reading and writing in accordance with the TREMA language policy document.
If the grade in any of the above subjects is lower, the student is required to take the entrance exam in that subject.
TREMA reserves the right to change the rules of enrollment, in accordance with legal regulations.

Textbooks and equipment

Every year, a document is adopted at the School level which determines the policy of purchasing textbooks and helping students to purchase them.
TREMA provides all textbooks to some enrolled students, and students purchase graphic calculators themselves. All books and equipment must be carefully used and maintained, and at the end of the two-year program, students are required to return to school everything in charge in the condition in which they were indebted.
Upon enrollment, students pay a deposit to provide the equipment they borrow from the School, which is returned to the student upon completion if all materials are returned to the School in its original condition.
Students have the opportunity to borrow from the School a laptop for use for teaching purposes or they can use their own
In case of irreparable damage, the student and the parent are obliged to compensate for the damage to the School.

Attitude towards work

Students enrolled in the program are required to comply with all program rules regulated in the IBO documents (General Regulations; Academic Honesty; ATL; program contents of individual subjects, Subject Guide; Assessment Policy), as well as all TREMA house rules.
Students are required to respect all deadlines in the implementation of classes and exams, published in the annual calendar and other documents (TOK and EE Progress Report). Failure to meet deadlines puts students at risk of missing a degree.
The only relevant document with official deadlines for students is the IB DP annual calendar.
All official communication on any issue related to the IB DP is conducted exclusively with the IB DP Coordinator.
Students must be familiar with and develop an attitude towards learning and working in IB DP based on the philosophy of the program presented through the Learners Profile found in all school publications related to the program.
All programs are implemented with confidence in the responsible behaviour of students, their interest, motivation, desire for personal development and maximum academic achievement. Any different attitude towards work is the sole responsibility and risk of the student.
When enrolling, parents sign a contract with the 3rd grammar school in Split, which regulates all legal and other provisions as well as the financial obligations of parents towards the third grammar school (tuition, exams).

Non-compliance with the provisions of the contract by any party may be a reason for early termination of the contract.
Enrollment process and steps
application conditions *:
very good or excellent overall success at the end of 2nd grade of high school
very good or excellent final grade from HJ, MAT, ENG (if applicable)
if any of the conditions are not met, the student must take an entrance exam which is paid extra
students coming from vocational schools must take entrance exams in all three subjects (HJ, MAT, ENG)
students whose mother tongue is English are not required to prove their English language skills

* full terms are available in the “Admissions policy” document

Student applications:

application will take place in June 2023 for academic year 2023./2024.
documentation is delivered in person to the school in the IBDP coordinator’s room every day from 8 am to 1 pm or by e-mail to ibdp@trema.hr with the note “Application for enrollment”
Application form is available until 23rd  June 2023 at the following link: https://forms.gle/etmJR3SVGc5UsZVx7

We recommend all interested students to participate in the Personalized Pathway process during June 2023 because only in consultation with the program coordinator and other school counselors can candidates be sure that they have chosen subjects that will allow them to continue their education.

Required documents:

  • completed Application form until 23rd June 2023
  • certificate (or printout of grades from e Diary) 2nd grade high school
  • two letters of recommendation (one from the STEM field teacher and one from the field humanities / social sciences)
  • cover letter (in English)
  • certificates of extracurricular activities that the student regularly attends
  • confirmation of payment of the application form in the amount of 10 € to IBAN School **
  • certifications are delivered by 30 June 2023 by email ibdp@trema.hr

Schedule of individual interviews and entrance exams

  • individual interviews will take place 3 – 7 July 2023
  • according to the received applications, the Enrollment Commission will compile and publish them online on the website of the School, the schedule of individual interviews of students and parents / guardians with the Enrollment Commission
  • if necessary, the dates of the entrance exams will be announced
  • signing the Education Agreement on 7 July 2023

Tuition and other fees *

  • 3 300 eur per school year

* if the student does not want to borrow a personal computer from the School for use, a deposit of 100 € is paid

General information

IB DP is carried out in III. Gymnasium Split in accordance with the rules and regulations of IBO and positive legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.
Parents and students must be familiar with all the rules of the organization, implementation, evaluation and behaviour in the school, the program and beyond, explained in the School Policies documents:
Assessment Policy – teaching and evaluation
Academic Integrity Policy – attitude towards work
Language Policy – the role of language
SEN Policy – special needs
Admission Policy – conditions of enrollment in the program
Before the contract is signed, parents and students must be aware of all the rules of the IB DP.

 Further reading:

  • General regulations: Diploma Programme, IBO 2019
  • Programme standards and practices, IBO 2018
  • Academic Honesty in the IB educational context, IBO 2016
  • Diploma Programme: From principles into practice, IBO2015
  • Rules for IB World Schools: Diploma Programme, IBO 2016
  • Assessment Procedure, 2019-2020
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