It was a great honour for us to host the teachers from the french school Lycée Plaine de Neauphle (Place Naghib Mafouz 78150 Trappes) that stayed with us in Split from the 28th of May to the 1st of June. After their school had been approved for the Erasmus+ project Europa Orationis  (Learning programme for group activities/2021-1-FR01-KA122-SCH-000018396), they showed a great interest for a cooperation with III. gimnazija, Split.

Teachers Danica Bavčević and Antonio Vrbatović, along with principal Deana Bokšić, were in charge of organizing, coordinating and conducting the mobility. The possibility for cooperation seemed useful and interesting to us so soon after being contacted by them we arranged and realized a visit to our school.

Teachers from the school Lycée Plaine de Neauphle which participated in the Job Shadowing were :


1- Victor Clot-Amiot (Histoire géographie)

2- Sandhya Mariadassou(Histoire Géographie)

3- Assia Chibati (Anglais)

4- Suzanne Le Goff (Anglais)

5- Antoine Boneau (assistant pédagogique)

6- François de Greef (maths)

7- Sylvie Trotignon (secretaire du proviseur-adjoint).


Their main focus was on the verbal part of the lessons, more specifically on the particular methods of verbal teaching and grading in the Croatian education system. Seeing as the guests from France wanted to get as clear an idea as possible about the quality and way of communication between students and teachers, they were allowed to participate in many various lessons.



1. Mathematics M. Milun 2. C
2. Latin language T. Novogradec 1. B
3. History N. Križanović 1. C
4. Physics N.Dželalija 1. A
5. Mathematics A. Pažanin 3. C
6. English language A. Kovačević 3. B
7. Croatian language I. Katić 2. B
8. Geography A. Vrbatović 2. B
9. Psychology D. Bavčević 3. C
10. English language N. Kljaković G. 2. D
11. English language N. Kljaković G. 3. D
12. Psychology I. Jambrović Č. 3. F
13. Ethics K. Hrga 2. A
14.Music education I. Kezić 1. F
15.English language A. Kovačević 1. A
16. Art L. Puljek 1. A



After their attendance a joint discussion was held, about the similarities and differences between the Croatian and French education systems. The conclusions from the discussion were incentivising and encouraging for all colleagues involved. With a newfound wind blowing in our backs we are going to continue this successful cooperation, much to the satisfaction of both parties.

We are looking forward to participating in future European projects and especially to working together with schools that share our interests.

Author: Danica Bavčević, dipl.psi.,  III.gimnazija, Split


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