Web site projekta: https://awalkthroughculturalheritage.weebly.com/

We want to encourage pupils, who live in cities which grew out of castles or palaces, to join us on this journey. In most cases, the town or city grew up around or alongside the castle, or the castle was built in order to reinforce the defences within or as part of the line of fortification ringing the settlement.

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The whole project will be divided into 5 stages, all of them including team work, either national or international.
The project involves exchanging information regarding European cultural heritage sites, traditions and monuments, as well as promoting respect towards foreign cultures and traditions, the equality of humans and an environment surpassing age, sex and background.

Our project's aim is to create a e-magazine with all materials created by student. In multinational groups, students will write articles and create audiovisual materials about all those tangible and intagible aspects of our cultural heritage.