How long is a coastline?
We will measure the coast of Croatia, France, Turkey ...(the coastline of the partner's countries) using fractal geometry that a coastline shows more and more details when the closer we zoom into it.

Students need to do the following:
1. To introduce/explore the concept of fractals and fractal geometry.
To perform a task using some of the fractal generating software and create mathematical beauty through visualization. November.
2. To build and decorate a Christmas tree using fractals and geometric elements ( Koch snowflake, Sierpinski triangle). December
3. To introduce/explore mathematical aspects measuring the length of a coastline uses the fractal geometry. For this activities student of III.gimnazija Split will make an algorithmic analysis. Other participants will be taught how measuring the coastline of your country. To introduce the drone technology. January
5. To create and publish e-book to create with all materials. It guides us for preparing Strategic Partnerships in the Erasmus+ program. January and February.
The project is completed on Mart 1, 2019.

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